Song written for some friends’ wedding. Lyrics based on true events, though don’t expect to understand them— history references are mixed in with space/time mumbo in a barely intelligible replicated human vox.

Click to see the video and lyrics is you need ’em.

Music available at:
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/worthlittle/not-a-river-final

There’s nothing here now
But there is a river
A small canoe, the ghost of a boy
And a net
The fish have all died
Or been caught then eaten
And the boy is gone
Because you haven’t been born
Not yet

The river’s not really there
It’s deceiving
It never seems to change
But it’s actually a blur
Because the river, she never stays
She’s always leaving
And as she goes
You’re just another ghost to her

There’s a marker by the shore now
But not really
For a town that washed away
If you were there
There are ghosts of streets,
The horses, and the buildings
And the flood that came and took them away

The river, it has a start
And then an ending
But it is never really there, it’s more of a “when”
The only way to ever really see the river
Is to close your eyes
and then you have to jump in
You have to jump in.

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