This song started as a hooky melody that was stuck in my head as I bed down for the night. To my wife’s irritation, I had to get up and get it out of my brain or I would never get to sleep. The orchestral treatment in the background is inspired by a movie that I’d really like to try and track down someday— the trailer had this guy, in a dark room… there was a hat…

Anyway, the lyrics are about flying on an intercontinental flight. The flight departed at sunset, but the trip’s direction and trajectory over the arctic circle assured that the orange hue of twilight lasted the entire flight. It was a sensation of peace and of time standing still.

The video is also a bit of inadvertent serendipity. It is only two lengths of copyright free government video that I places end to end in my editor. The timing of events in the video and how they synchronize with the music, including the ending, was out of my hands.


On the way
From Gatwick to Love Field
I sat and watched
As my eggs congealed

The morning sun
Hung outside
On the horizon
For the entire ride

On the way
From Gatwick to Love Field
Breakfast is gone
Lunch revealed

And yet the sun
Stays on low
We’re waking the world up
As we go

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